Important Dates for Bridge Program Organizers

  • Friday, November 18, 2022: Bridge Submissions Due to Organizers
  • Friday, December 2, 2022: Notifications Sent to Authors
  • Tuesday, December 6, 2022: List of Participants Due at AAAI
  • Thursday, January 5, 2023: AAAI-23 Early Registration Deadline
  • Friday, January 13, 2023: All Materials for Participants Posted
  • February 7 – 8, 2023: AAAI-23 Bridge Program


AAAI-23 Bridge Schedule


Tuesday, February 7, 2023 Room
B1: AI for Financial Services 207B
B2: Deep Automated Program and Proof Synthesis 302
B3: Continual Causality – Day 1 of 2 303
B4: AI and Robotics 207A
B5: AI and Business Process Management – Day 1 of 2 304
B6: Constraint Programming and Machine Learning 305
B9: Medicine and Machine Learning 306


Wednesday, February 8, 2023 Room
B3: Continual Causality – Day 2 of 2 303
B5: AI and Business Process Management – Day 2 of 2 304
B7: AI for Materials Science 302
B8: AI for Financial Institutions 207B
B10: AI Technology and Nursing 207A
B11: AI and Law 305
B12: AI for Climate Science 306

The Goal of Creating Bridges

AAAI has incubated numerous AI sub-disciplines and conferences and has nurtured for decades the cohesion of AI. New communities often emerge when two or more disciplines come together in order to explore new opportunities and perspectives; today both are plentiful. The purpose of the AAAI Bridges Program is to tap into this new source of innovation by cultivating sustained collaboration between two or more communities, directed towards a common goal. Our interpretation of bridge is broad and encompasses disciplines both within and outside of AI. Hence, the communities that the AAAI Bridges Program brings together could be distinct subfields of AI, such as planning and learning, or different disciplines that contribute to and benefit from AI, such as AI and the humanities.

A successful bridge frequently focuses different perspectives towards a common vision and may be sparked, for example, by a social need, technological disruption or fundamental scientific question. In addition, a successful bridge is nurtured over a period of time through a suite of synergistic activities that include outreach, technical collaboration and education. Outreach engages a rich community of researchers, stakeholders, users and funders; effective collaboration stimulates technical discussion at every level, and education trains the next generation on what has been learned.

What is the Bridge Program?

We seek proposals for a set of bridges to be held during AAAI-23. Each bridge combines elements of education, collaboration and outreach, to the end of cultivating communities as described above.

Bridges will occur over a 1-2 day period before the main technical program. A typical bridge should include the following elements:

  • Education: ½ – 1 day of tutorials and software labs, intended to educate participants on important perspectives and tools from participating disciplines.
  • Collaboration: ½ – 1 day of technical discussion, in the form of paper presentations, panels, posters, Oxford-style debates, and provocative talks
  • Outreach: A panel or motivational talk to be given at the main conference, which communicates the bridge’s vision and perspectives.

More generally, a bridge can include any of the following activities:

  • A vision and a grand challenge;
  • Common education, such as tutorials that represent the supporting disciplines;
  • Hands on experiences, such as labs, team challenges, and online activities;
  • Experiences that sustain a community, such as shared software, websites, tutorials, and community challenges that live beyond AAAI-23;
  • Community building activities, such as paper presentations, posters, debates, discussions, lunches and breakouts;
  • Early career participation, in the form of student posters, breakouts and mentoring;
  • Public awareness, through main track talks, demo, early education activities and websites.

Submission Requirements

Submission requirements vary for each Bridge. Submissions are due to the organizers on November 18, 2022 (please check individual Bridge websites for extensions). Please submit your papers for review directly to the individual Bridge according to their directions. Do not mail submissions to AAAI. Bridge organizers will notify submitters of acceptance by December 2, 2022, unless otherwise noted on their supplementary website. If the organizer is planning a formal publication, they will provide specific information about how to submit camera-ready copy. For further information about a Bridge, please contact the chair of that Bridge.


AAAI two-column format is often preferred, but not required, for Bridge submissions. The AAAI 2023 Press author kit with style files, macros, and guidelines for this format is linked below. (Note that the 2023 author kit includes a AAAI copyright slug, which should be removed for Bridge publications.)

Questions and Inquiries

Inquiries concerning bridge submissions may be directed to the bridge co-chairs at All other inquiries should be directed to AAAI at

AAAI-23 Bridge Program Cochairs

Sara Bernardini (Royal Holloway University of London, UK)
Brian Williams (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

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